Corporate Team Building

In addition to our corporate recreational sails, we offer team building. You will have a more hands-on experience as your group learns to handle the boat.

If you are looking for a structured program, i.e., a day on the water where you can work together to accomplish shared goals, then our team building program might be right for you. We offer half-day programs, using the Lannon as an experiential platform. You will have a more hands-on experience as your group learns to handle the boat.

We can work with you to design your own day at sea. Your group will learn how to navigate, how to set and trim sails, and how to steer a course…all in a FUN, hands-on environment led by our capable and experienced crew. You will work together on all aspects of sailing this 65-foot vessel. Thirty passengers maximum.



From Monday morning through Friday afternoon excluding the sunset sail each day.


Midweek Sunset Sail

Sunday evening through Thursday evening



From Friday sunset through Sunday afternoon


Sail Duration

There is a three-hour minimum for team building charters.

What’s Included

A private charter includes the exclusive use of the vessel, captain, crew and someone to serve your drinks. Food and beverages are additional. You will have the boat to yourselves. There will be no other passengers other than your group. Group size is limited to 30 passengers.


Your menu can be as simple or as lavish as you like. We can even arrange and serve a lobsterbake while we anchor in a quiet cove in the harbor. Or, how about “clam chowda and a fresh lobsta roll?” We also have lots to choose from off of our À la carte catering menu, all provided by the Gloucester House Restaurant. You can use our caterer or your own. The menu selection is entirely up to you.


We have a liquor license, so you cannot bring your own alcohol onboard. We offer water, soft drinks, beer, ale, wine, prosecco, sparkling rosé, rum punch, and an upgraded wine list.

Food & Drink

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Ask us about pricing for specialty events in other ports.