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Burials At Sea

There is something inherently calming about the water. People who have loved the ocean in life often ask to have their remains spread at sea. A memorial celebration onboard the Schooner Lannon is a wonderfully calming site for your farewell.

The Schooner Lannon will provide a beautiful setting for the ash scattering and a quiet place to celebrate the life of your loved one.

We’ll raise the sails, then make our way out beyond Gloucester harbor. See lighthouses and castles as we head past the breakwater and out to the ocean. Once we are 3 miles offshore the memorial service to honor the memory of your loved one can take place. Then family and friends can say their final good-byes as the remains and flowers are dispersed into the water. A final salute with our marine signaling device is available if you’d like. We can help arrange catered food and beverages.

The crew and staff of the Schooner Lannon understand the importance of a dignified burial at sea. We will help you in planning the perfect memorial service during this difficult time. The Lannon is U. S. Coast Guard certified to carry as many as 49 people. We will help you create warm memories of your loved one’s wishes of returning to Gloucester. Please plan on a three hour charter. Coast Guard/EPA regulations require that we are at least three miles offshore when we sprinkle the ashes.



From Monday morning through Friday afternoon excluding the sunset sail each day.


Midweek Sunset Sail

Sunday evening through Thursday evening



From Friday sunset through Sunday afternoon


Sail Duration

Memorial services (spreading ashes at sea) require a 3-hour minimum in order for us to get out far enough to perform the ceremony according to Coast Guard/EPA regulations.

What’s Included

A private charter includes the exclusive use of the vessel, captain, crew and someone to serve your drinks. Food and beverages are additional. You will have the boat to yourselves. There will be no other passengers other than your group. Group size is limited to 49.


For your memorial service we can and offer you a variety of food options. We can serve you brunch or lunch after the service while underway. Or you can choose from our À la carte catering menu.


We have a liquor license, so you cannot bring your own alcohol onboard. We offer water, soft drinks, beer, ale, wine, prosecco, sparkling rosé, rum punch, and an upgraded wine list.

Food & Drink

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