A must when visiting Cape Ann!

Visited Gloucester and booked the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon. Beautiful boat, great crew, fun time and sailed for 1 1 /2 hours which was perfect!! And a great price! Would definitely do it again!

A great Gloucester tradition continues

We sailed with the builders, Tom and Kay Ellis, so we were delighted to see that their son and his friendly crew are doing it all and doing it right. Great job, guys. Our granddaughter had a ball!

Perseid Meteor Cruise

Great cruise, the skies cleared up the further we sailed out and we all were able to see the meteors. The crew was great serving food and drinks (Rum Punch was great) and giving us some interesting facts about the boat, and the Astronomers on board were very helpful pointing out the constellations and the best place to view the meteors. A very peaceful and enjoyable cruise.

A Perfect Afternoon for a Sail

The natural beauty of the Gloucester coast can’t be beat. Thanks to the entire crew for going out of their way to make it a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon!

Amazing Sunset Cruise in Gloucester

This was our second voyage on the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, and it did not disappoint. The expert sailing crew are also personable and great at serving up drinks and snacks, We were able to see the iconic coastline and lighthouse as the sun set in a fun, inclusive, and majestic environment.

As always, an excellent cruise - highly recommended for visitors

The Lannon is an excellent way to see Gloucester harbor. Once the sails are up and you’re gliding along like it was a hundred years ago, you can really appreciate the beauty of the harbor and the Gloucester coastline. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable. Although I live directly on the harbor, I really enjoy a trip on the Lannon. I’ve been on her several times and my son rented her for his wife’s birthday party and our next-door-neighbor just got married aboard her. I was just on the annual “cigar cruise” (which really needs to be the “MONTHLY” cigar cruise — hint–hint), with a most convivial crowd of people. Beautiful (smokey!) evening. great company, excellent service. The former owner offered me $100 if I could find anything wrong with the ship. He kept his hundred! The ship is in incredible shape!

Fabulous sail

As usual l had a wonderful sail on the Lannon. Have been on numerous sails and each and every one of the has been wonderful. Heath and the crew are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I bring all my out of town visitors and they all rave about their experiences on board.

Third time (still) a charm

We recently sailed on the Lannon for the third time, and once again enjoyed it enormously. It’s not the only such schooner in the Cape Ann area, but it seems to set the standard. Gorgeous lines, super-organized ticketing and boarding, and a congenial, low-key skipper and crew make for a pleasant sail every time, whatever the weather. We’ll be back.

Great time!

Such an easy, relaxing, and incredibly worthwhile experience! The crew is very friendly and will take great care of you while you’re on board. This was our first visit to Gloucester together, and I’m glad we were able to share this experience with family.

A must do in the greater Boston area!!!

We took a family vacation to the greater Boston area and stayed in Gloucester, within walking distance to the schooner. Beautiful, comforting and peaceful, this excursion is exactly what my family needed after a long day walking the streets. The crew was amazing and interactive. My son and girlfriend were even able to “help” raise the sails! This is a must do if you are ever in Gloucester or even the surrounding area.

The best schooner in the fleet!!!

I have always enjoyed my time aboard the Thomas E. Lannon Schooner. The schooner is family owned and their style is very casual and welcoming. The inner and outer harbor are both beautiful and historic. The sunset cruises the most magical cruises in my humble opinion!

Always a joy!

We came back to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Heath married us on July 17th and we booked a public sail on our special day with a couple of friends. It was an incredibly gorgeous day!!! My only complaint (and really I am not) is that I wish we could have been on Gloucester waters for the whole afternoon! 🙂 We’ll be back to celebrate again next year!

Highly recommend this schooner and crew for an afternoon on the water.

We have a great couple of hours on the boat, in the shade of the tall sails. The lobster and fishing boats in the harbor were hard at work. The captain and his true-life seagull friend were written about by Sy Montgomery for a childrenś book. I enjoyed chatting with a fellow passengers. The boat was made by the captain and named after his grandfather, a Gloucester tuna fisherman.

Not to be missed

Absolutely wonderful experience! Super friendly crew, beautiful boat, gorgeous views. My SA was able to act as helmsman for a whole hour and he loved it


This schooner ride is absolutely wonderful and worth the price! beautiful ship, friendly staff, great views, and great drinks! Bring your camara, because you will be taking many pictures!

Sail Away

We had a beautiful sunny very warm day. The winds were with us and we were under full sail with a lovely cool breeze, terrific. The captain and crew were friendly and informative. The schooner is in tip top shape and plenty of seating. They have beverages and snacks on board if you want. We had the rum punch, delicious. Would highly recommend this Schooner and sail.

Great experience

This is the best possible experience if you are looking for a safe, quite, short sailing experience in a schooner, the boat is beautiful and pristine, the Captain knowledgeable and dedicated to your well being, the crew competent. If you catch good weather, and if the seagull comes to visit, then it’s priceless

Top Notch Sail!

We were given a gift certificate for the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon as a Christmas gift from our son, and our sunset sail experience will always be a gift in a very real sense. The vessel is pristine, and the captain and crew take pride in Gloucester’s heritage and their family’s part in it, honoring those who sailed before. The crew feels like family, and treats their guests with warm hospitality. A favorite moment was when the breeze took the sunhat of a guest who sails with them frequently, and the crew spotted it immediately in our wake. The captain turned that 65-ft. schooner with ease, pulling up alongside the hat- the first mate scooped it out with a net and handed it back to one very happy lady. All in one quick-thinking natural response- a great end to a perfect sail.

Fun for the family

This was a beautiful day adventure with my family. The crew is very friendly and make sure they include the kids in the fun of raising the sails. I wasn’t sure if my son(5yrs) was too young but he really enjoyed it. Gloucester is a great place to spend the day too. After walking the shops my son kept asking to go down to the water so we could go on the boat again. We will definitely be returning for another trip.

One of my favorite journeys!

A cruise aboard the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon is among my favorite journeys whether to celebrate or to just get away for a few hours. We celebrated with a private charter for our 25th wedding anniversary, and several birthday cruises. Although we are locals we always feel we are experiencing Cape Ann from a new perspective!

Best Captain and Schooner!

Captain Heath Ellis and his crew are the absolute best around. You will love them! We have taken many different schooner trips and no-one is better with people than the crew of the Thomas E. Lannon.

Amazing date night!

This sail was so amazing for many reasons. The captain was willing to converse and be friendly but had no intention of giving hour long history lessons! It was so peaceful watching the sunset and enjoying a glass of wine. We’re young but just to share my perspective, it would not be hard for elderly to get on board at all as it’s mostly flat with seats.

Awesome Schooner Sail

It was supposed to be a rainy day but turned out to be a perfect day for a sail. The schooner is gorgeous, so well maintained. The crew was welcoming and fun AND the rum punches were – yummy !! A very special treat was Polly the Seagull making an appearance for her oyster crackers!

We’ll make this an annual event!

This was our second time on the schooner and it was as much fun this time as the 1st time! The captain and crew are easy going, patient in answering questions and really make the 90 minutes a nice experience. There’s plenty of room to sit and if it isn’t choppy you can move around for pictures. If you’re looking for a relaxing and fun way to unplug, this is it.


My husband and I loved this sailing trip! The Captain was so nice and very knowledgeable. His crew was amazing the way they worked the sails . The Captain and crew made you feel like family! It was the most beautiful and relaxing trip around the Harbor. Even Polly the seagull sat on the Captains should and guests were able to give her treats. We will come back and do this again and again. A can’t miss Sailing adventure. Highly recommended.